Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç is an award-winning multi-genre composer, producer, and music supervisor. He is the composer of Sarmaşık and Butterflies, two films that participated at the Sundance Film Festival where Butterfly won the Grand Jury Prize. He has worked on over twenty feature films and has a repertoire of eleven albums. Several of the movies Bilgiç worked for as a music supervisor were official entries at prestigious film festivals such as Tribeca, Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Palm Spring, Galway Film Fleadh, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Stockholm, as well as Maine Int. Festival. He most recently completed scoring the short film Leylak, which has been enthusiastically received within the film festival circuit winning Best Short at the Tribeca Film Festival (2021) and Galway Film Fleadh (2021). In addition to that, he is one of the executive producers of the short. His upcoming projects include a highly anticipated TV series produced by Netflix. The resourceful musician has also worked as a composer-vocalist for the largest music company in Turkey called “Jinglehouse” for over ten years and worked on countless commercials.

        Bilgiç differentiates himself by being a versatile composer with a wide identity within music and the visual arts. What sets him apart is his musical talent which encompasses a wide range of different musical genres. In 2000 he founded Gevende, a leading band of avant-garde world music from Turkey. The band recorded five albums and was invited to perform at a variety of festivals around the world; Brazil, Norway, Portugal, Netherland, France, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Denmark, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, to name a few. Inspired by the voices of languages from different geographical regions, Bilgiç wrote songs inspired by these languages, creating his own in the process. He was dubbed a “storyteller” of non-existing language. Furthermore, Gevende’s work includes the composition of the music for the video game MonochromaHis trajectory began in 2005 while Bilgiç was studying economics at Eskisehir University where he started to compose music and work on sound design for animations. Following his passion, he won the Golden Tulip Best Music Award at the 30th International Istanbul Film Festival in 2011 for his first feature film Atlikarinca (Merry Go Round). He also worked for international features, his latest movie is the independent American film Draupadi Unleashed, which premiered at the New York Indian Film Festival and was screened at AMC Theatres in the USA. For this movie, he combined the mystical motifs of Eastern music with the classical harmony of Western music. Furthermore, in 2019 he was awarded the Best Creative Innovation in Sound award at the U.K. Theatre & Technology Awards for the sound design and music of the British production Substratum Live Dance & Mapping, which he composed and produced with Serkan E. Çiftçi. The project was also awarded the Best Live Production in European Mapping Awards organized in Lille, France.

         He was a jury member at the 23rd Tallinn Black Night Film Festival and the 39th Istanbul Film Festival is a board member at MSG, the association for composers in Turkey, and founded his record label, LU Records, in 2018. LU Records focuses on music composed and designed for cinema and visual arts. Over twenty projects were published thus far. The company also organized events and talks focusing on cinema and music. For the last two years, LU Records has been sponsoring the Best Music Award at the Istanbul Film Festival.Bilgiç is also interested in other visual art disciplines, which gives him an extensive knowledge of music. He has composed for theater and various dance performances of Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası, Turkey’s innovative modern dance association. He accompanied them with his live improvisations.  photo by Nazli Erdemirel

Contact directly to artist me@ahmetkbilgic.com

Manager & Publicist Usa-Europe Desiree HOSTETTLER  / desiree@lakultur.com +1 (323) 510-0715


2021 Yakamoz S-245 TUR Netflix Series, Composer, Music Supervisor, in progress

2021 Kin TUR –  Netflix Feature, Composer, in progress 

2021 Guardians Of Anatolia USA documentary , in progress

2021 Tek Yön TUR short, Composer , in progress

2021 Leylak USA  short, Composer & Exe. Producer

2020 One Way Ticket Tomorrow TUR – Netflix Feature, Music Supervisor

2019 Serenade DE Theatre, Composer, Orchestrator,  Actor

2019 Don’t Let Me You Keep Apart TUR – Short, Composer

2019  The Yellow, The Cat, The Kayakers and The Host TUR -Short, Composer

2018 Draupadi Unleashed USA Feature Film, Composer

2018 Substratum U.K  Live Mapping Performance, Composer

2018 Bartu Ben TUR  TV Series , 10 Episodes ,Composer

2018 Butterflies TUR Feature film, Composer & Music Supervisor

2018 Timsah TUR Theatre,  Composer

2018  Dört Köşeli Üçgen TUR  Feature Film, Musical director & Additional musics

2018 Arif V 216 TUR  Feature Film,  as  composer of Jinglehouse

2017 Kolonya Cumhuriyeti TUR Feature Film, Composer

2015  Lemonade TUR & MKD Feature Film, Composer

2015  Ivy TUR  Feature Film, Composer & Music Supervisor

2015  Ali Baba ve 7 Cüceler TUR  Feature Film, as  composer of Jinglehouse

2015  Kocan Kadar Konuş TUR Feature Film, as  composer of Jinglehouse

2015  Bir Varmış Bir Yokmuş TUR  Feature Film, Composer

2014  Let’s Sin TUR  Feature Film, Composer 

2014  Pek Yakında TUR  Feature Film,  as  composer of Jinglehouse

2014  Patron Mutlu Son İstiyor TUR  Feature Film,  as  composer of Jinglehouse

2014  I.K.Y.S TUR  Short Film, Composer

2013  Ben de Özledim TUR TV Series, 10 Episodes, Composer

2013  Erkek Tarafi Testosteron TUR  Feature Film, Composer

2013  Bebek İşi TUR – TV Series, 37 Episodes, Composer

2013  ShipsTUR  Feature Film, Composer 

2012  Sen Kimsin? TUR  Feature Film, as  composer of Jinglehouse 

2012  Semaver ve Kumpanya TUR  Theatre, Composer

2012  Aquarium CZE Short Animation, Composer 

2011  Merry Go Round TUR  Feature Film, Composer 

2010  Tales of Beyoğlu U.K. Documentary Film, Composer


2020 düğümdüğüm Single Album

2019 Şey Şey Şey  Single Album         

2019 Draupadi Unleashed Soundtrack Album

2019 Substratum Soundtrack Album

2018 Butterflies Soundtrack Album

2017  Kırınardı (Gevende) Studio Album    

2016 Sarmaşış (Ivy) Soundtrack Album     

2016 Biraz Daha Sessiz Ol Single Album

2015 Live at St. Antuan (Gevende) Live Album 

2014 Monochroma (Gevende) Soundtrack Album       

2011 Merry Go Round Soundtrack Album     

2011 Sen Balık Değilsin ki (Gevende ) Studio Album

2006 Ev (Gevende) Studio Album