Istanbul/Turkey based award wining composer, producer, music supervisor and performer of music. He was born in 1982 and had a chance to live in many different cities in Turkey, so called Anatolia, during his lifetime.  During university (bussiness) time in Eskişehir, he formed his still active band Gevende and a long lasting musical journey began. From Nepal to Brazil, Israel to the North Pole, Ahmet toured and performed all around the world with Gevende. He has been on stage many huge festivals in Europe, like Womex, Popkom, Mimi… The band has released five studio albums and released the soundtrack for the video game Monochroma.

Aside from his performer identity, he composed music for many short-films and cartoons during his college years. In 2005-2016 he was one of the composers and vocalist of Turkey’s most prestigious music production company Jinglehouse  In the company he composed music for countless commercials, and had a chance to network with top of film directors and production companies. He has been many box office projects. His work for his first feature film, Atlikarinca (Merry Go Round), brought him the Best Original Score Award in 30.Istanbul International Film Festival. This was followed by many more feature films,TV Series and mapping Implementation projects. His original music score for critically acclaimed feature film Sarmasik (IVY) which was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2015, Utah and won numerous awards from all around the World. He worked with Tolga Karacelik’s 3rd feature film Butterflies which won Grand Jury Prize at world drama section on Sundance Film Festival 2018 . He is the manager and co-founder of the first user-based stock music company in Turkey, . He released his last soundtrack album SUBSTRATUM Live Dance & Mapping Performance that took European Mapping Awards Best Live Production  at Lille, France and Best Sound Innovation on Sound prize at U.K. Theatre & Technology awards.

He created his own record company LU Records that focused on music for visuals and cinema  in 2018. LU Records is offical music award sponsor of Istanbul Film Festival . Bilgiç lwas the one of the jury members of Tallin Black Night Film Festival’19 and 39th Istanbul Int. Film Festival’20.

Management Usa & Europe  Désirée Hostettler  /  +1 323-510-0715

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2021 – Guardians Of Anatolia (documentary , in progress)

2021 – Tek Yön (short, in progress)

2021 – Leylak (short, in progress)

2019 – Serenade Theatre-Musical (and also acting)

2019 – Draupadi Unleashed  (feature film)

2018 – Bartu Ben (TV Series – 10 episodes)

2018 – Butterflies (feature film)

2018 – Timsah Theatre Music

2018 – Dört Köşeli Üçgen (musical supervisor – additional music)

2018 – Substratum Dance&Mapping Performance (with Serkan E.Çiftçi)

2018 – Arif v 216 (as a composer of Jinglehouse)

2017 – Overnight Republic  (feature film)

2015 – Lemonade  (feature film)

2015 – Sarmasik  ( Ivy ) (feature film)

2015 – Ali Baba ve 7 Cüceler (as a composer of Jinglehouse)

2015 – Kocan Kadar Konuş (as a composer of Jinglehouse)

2015 – Bir Varmis Bir Yokmuş (additional music)

2014 – Itirazim Var ( Let’s Sin ) 

2014 – Pek Yakinda  (as a composer of Jinglehouse)

2014 – Patron Mutlu Son Istiyor (as a composer of Jinglehouse)

2014 – I.K.Y.S (short)

2013 – Ben de Özledim (TV Series – 13 episodes)

2013 – Erkek Tarafi Testosteron

2013 – Bebek isi (TV Series – 37 Episodes)

2013 – Ferahfeza ( Ships ) 

2012 – Sen Kimsin? (as one of the composers of Jinglehouse)

2012 – Aquarium (Short Animation)

2011 – Atlikarinca ( Merry Go Round )

2010 – Tales of Beyoğlu (Documentary)


2020 – Single               düğümdüğüm

2020 – Soundtrack       Draupadi Unleashed

2019 – Single               Şey Şey Şey

2018 – Soundtrack       Substratum

2018 – Soundtrack       Butterflies

2017 – Studio Album    Gevende – Kırınardı

2016 – Soundtrack       Sarmaşık (Ivy)

2016 – Single               Biraz Daha Sessiz Ol

2015 – Live Album       Gevende – Live at St. Antuan

2014 – Soundtrack       Gevende – Monochroma

2011 – Soundtrack       Atlıkarınca (Merry Go Round)

2011 – Studio Album    Gevende – Sen Balık Değilsin ki

2006 – Studio Album    Gevende – Ev